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A Fun Stamp
Celebrities Sinatra NEW Princess-Diana Classic Star-1 -Titanic Star-2 Disney Star-3 Star-4

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abk99m03-marilyn.jpg (59197 bytes)


Large Sheetlet ready for framing
$5.95 -abk99m03-marilyn

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som99m03mcgwire.jpg (27734 bytes)


Home Run Champion
A part of our history

$9.95 -som99m03mcgwire
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mon9903hd-all3ss1ms9v.jpg (101347 bytes)
for Howdy Doody

A Special
WE  have wholesale
Prices for
The Complete Howdy Doody

Go To the Howdy Doody Page

$17.95 -mon9903hd-all3ss1ms9v
1 MS+3SS

cool-starr-wars.jpg (143868 bytes)
Click Image to Enlarge

The Kenneth

Click to View it is so cool
You must see in person to appreciate!
The PERFECT Office Gift
  Item -cool-starr-wars
FromAbkhasia -
Sale $5.95

mor99m02-impeachment.jpg (147549 bytes)
Click Image to Enlarge

Historian's View of Impeachment
with Narrative by Professor Anton, PhD History.
This masterpiece depicts a part of history we all experienced.  Tastefully Accomplished by this noted Historian. You may buy it in the sheet of  9 for
$4.95 or the Very Rare pre-production Imperf  version shown.  The Imperf are numbered and only 100 were made $19.95 Item -mor99m02-impeachment From Mordovia
Sheet 9 $4.95

Imperf 1/100 $19.95

Click for--> More Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky,
Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Ken Starr Stamps

cha9903ss-clinton-elvis-promo.jpg (11418 bytes)
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Elvis & Clinton From Republic of Chad $8.95
Item -cha9903ss-clinton-elvis

tur99m02-events20th.jpg (59673 bytes)
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Beatles, Elvis, Diana in Events and People of the 20th Century
From Turkmenistan $7.95
Item -tur99m02-events20th

bat99m03-elvismm.jpg (22054 bytes)
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Elvis & Marilyn Monroe  From Batum $7.95
Item -bat99m03-elvismm

Muhammad Ali
Souvenir Sheet

From Comores $4.95
Item -caf99m03-alissma4

caf99m03-ali9vma1.jpg (52991 bytes)

Muhammad Ali
Child to Champ
Collectible Sheet of 9

From Comores $7.95
Item -caf99m03-ali9vma1

abk99m02-covergirl.jpg (73074 bytes)
Click Image to View

Cover Girls of  the 20th Century
From Abkhasia $9.95
Item -abk99m02-covergirl

abk99m02-hollywood.jpg (69021 bytes)
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Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, All Saints, Kate Winslet, Spice Girls, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio on one Sheet!!!

From Abkhasia $7.95
Item -abk99m02-hollywood

gag99mo2-stars10v.jpg (72813 bytes)
Click Image to View

10 Stars
Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Patricia Kaas, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, The Beatles, George Michael - ALL  Together!!!
From Gagauzia $6.95
Item -gag99mo2-stars10v

tuv99m02-teletubbies.jpg (73813 bytes)

Yes the TeleTubbies
From Tuva $7.95
Item -tuv99m02-teletubbies

abk99m02-elvis9v.jpg (71162 bytes)

Sheet of 9

From Abkhasia $7.95
Item -abk99m02-elvis9v

abk99m02-elvisss.jpg (61509 bytes)

Motor Cycle Souvenir Sheet
is it a Harley?
Please Let me know
From Abkhasia $7.95
Item -abk99m02-elvisss

som99m02starspace.jpg (126091 bytes)
Click Image to View

Stars in Space.  This is great!
From Somaliland $9.95
Item -som99m02starspace

sav9520ss-96magic.jpg (26352 bytes)

Magic Johnson
In 1996 Olimpics
Souvenir Sheet

From St Vincent $3.95
Item -sav9520ss-96magic

abk99m03-golf6v-9802.jpg (43217 bytes)

Famous Golfers
Can you name them?

Please e-mail their names

From Abkhasia $4.95
Item -abk99m03-golf6v-9802

for the 3 Stooges

A Special
WE  have wholesale
Prices for
The Complete Three Stooges
$24.95 for all above

Go To the Three Stooges Page

$24.95 -allstooges-3ms-3ss
3 MS+3SS

L U C Y   - Click to make bigger - A - I Love Lucy Limited Edition Collectible Postage Stamp
Click Image to Enlarge

SEE all 5 Sheets
As Featured in the Wall Street Journal Presents:
I Love Lucy

With Lucille Ball and Rickie Ricardo in Love

Click Lucy to see all 5 sheets

or see
buy all

Bill and Monica
abk98m12-clinton-cartoon.jpg (55585 bytes)
Click Image to Enlarge

As Featured on the NBC Nightly News: Presents:
Clinton and
Monica Lewinsky
What a Valentine Present - Check out the shorts - Do you know some one that needs this?  Just FUN $4.95  Abkhasia - Not yet UPU Item -abk98m12-clinton-cartoon

More Bill Clinton Stamps

nig9810coboop9.jpg (96186 bytes)
Click Image to View

Betty Boop
Great Sheet! Can you name the 9 movies she is playing in?
SEE ALL the Betty Boop

Go to Betty Boop

Advertised Nationally at $13
- Frame this It would Make a Great Gift!

Item -nig9810coboop9

tog9811co-lost-portraits.jpg (79990 bytes)

Lost in Space
Portraits of the
original stars

Item -tog9811co-lost-portraits
See the complete set go to
See Buy All
Sale $39.95

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