10, A Dealer can set a special Promotional Code
This allows for Free Shipping, Discounts or Gift Certificates
From the Admin Page select PROMOTION

From the PROMOTION Page select Promotional codes
From the Promotional Codes Page Select new promotion code

The code must be lowercase - no spaces
Give the code a name which will show up on your customers receipt.
Select the type of promotion from the drop down menu

Set the amount - Here 10% is set as 10
Maximum Uses: You can set maximum uses to One (1) for a single gift certificate or to 5000 for a long running code
Suspend: To turn off a Promotional Code click the Suspend box

Save - When done save the code - see the example below

The first block on check out is for the promotional code.
NOTE: The code must be in lower case = No capital letters
In this example the code is thankyou2003