10, Promotional Code
This allows for Free Shipping, Discounts or Gift Certificates
A, A Dealer can set a special Promotional Code
The code must be lowercase - no spaces
Give the code a name which will show up on your customers receipt.
Select the type of promotion from the drop down menu

B, Value: Set the amount - Here 10% is set as 10
Maximum Uses: You can set maximum uses to One (1) for a single gift certificate or to 5000 for a long running code
Suspend: To turn off a Promotional Code click the Suspend box

Save -
When done save the code - see the example below

The first block on check out is for the promotional code.
NOTE: The code must be in lower case = No capital letters
In this example the code is thankyou2003  (This is just an example code - do not use it in your cart.)

Push up you sales the smart way.

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