Sept. 2,
Dedicated to the memory of
Princes Diana


Princes Diana
Contest Winner - New Contest
Greg' Favorite Sheet
1/2 off Disney's Occupations

Princes Diana
The entire world mourns the loss of this incredible person.
We have received no less than 15 e-mails asking us
if we have any stamps honoring her.
We do and we will put them on the net this week at

Contest Winner - New Contest

Karen Cloud, a VERY nice lady from Texas, guessed Paulette's
month and year with one guess. I asked her how see did it
- was she with the Department of Motor Vehicles?
She said no - she "has always had an uncanny sense
of winning on contests.
I have a track record of winning things a mile long".

I should also point out she "felt good" about the
Pacific 97 Souvenir Sheets and bought 10 sets.
We listened to this very wise individual and we put away 30 sets.
We have a PAD of 100 pairs left.
E-mail us for a special "PAD price"

For the rest of our newsletter readers, without this very accurate intuition
- I have decided to give away a second gift
The first Disney stamp Set - the San Marino

view at
WE will give only Yes or no answers. The winner -
the first person to guess Paulette's birthday month and year
or the closest as of September 16 - Except for Karen - sorry
Hint here she is with her Dad

Linn and Paulette Corey

Greg's favorite Sheet on Sale!

This beautiful sheet went up 250% last year to $41.50

Classic Books is following the high priced
$95 Classic Films -
Offered at less than half Retail
19.95 + $3 S/H -
buy three and receive free shipping
View at

1/2 off Disney's Occupations -
set of 96 different jobs.

Set of 12 sheets depicting 96 different jobs.
Perfect for framing for home or Office

We made a special purchase of these special sheets.
Each sheet has the rare yellow Collecting Stamp from Hong Kong '97
These sheets were ONLY offered during Hong Kong '97
We sell the 12 sheets at $5.00 each or the entire set for $48
Mention this news letter and get this valuable set
1/2 price for $24 for all 12 sheets
While our stock lasts.


What's New

Please Remember: You can always get a quick look
at What's New, by clicking one of the
The What’s New cool stamps buttons.


Please Remember:
You can always get a quick look

at What's New, by clicking one of the
The What’s New at buttons

Thanks so much Greg and Paulette
(707) 448-1111
PO Box 5125
Vacaville, CA 95696

Ps We really appreciate your business!

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