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Nov. 4, 97

Disney Let's Read and
Christmas 97

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US Item of the week - 730-1 SS

New Disney

Largest Up-load of New Stamps

Diana New items = WOW!

Specials - Gifts and Supplies

US 730-731

As many of you asked we will try to offer a nice item once a week
for your collection or - hint - hint - a holiday gift.

This week we have a 730-731 MNH Set

view it at

a $85 retail value - both for $36.95
We offer this on a straight cost + basis
please e-mail
for availability and additional information.

New Disney

Two Brand New Disney sets Just in

A perfect gift for a collector, student, or Christmas gift for a teacher
Disney's Let's Read

View at
Just in time for Christmas

Christmas '97 which has a special Mini sheet

view at
for just $1.95 - NO LIMIT get several* and put them in
your Christmas Cards for all your friends

*e-mail for special large quantity discounts

Largest Up-load of New Stamps

New stamps in every category
Pacific 97 - Uruguay

view at

New Star Trek Generations
view at

and 100 Years of Cinema

New Fairy Tales like Rapunzel

view at

and Halley's Comet at


view other new items at

And new China at

Like this Hong Kong '96 Year Set


Diana Covers

and Back in Stock!

As many of you know, who took advantage of our 10% cover sale,
we ran out of the silk covers offered last week. They are now
back in stock and I will honor the 10% off offered last week.
We have only 11 sets left so please reserve yours soon.
Sorry - Limit 2 sets PLEASE!

view them at

The one shown above, Diana in a green gown, is actually
printed on raised silk material. It is 100% incredible to see.

We also received the
most incredible
mini sheet we have ever seen

View at

As well as others like

and finally an item we have looked for
for over 7 weeks. The Official British Post Office
set of two maxi cards

They match the rest of the Royal Wedding Set found at

We want our site, and
Paulette's Diana New Issue Service

to be your one stop shopping source for all Diana Stamps.

Specials - Gifts and Supplies

We received a semi load - almost - of stock books
We have two very special offerings.
Lindner's very best 64-page book, which retailed for $68,
we are offering at $29.95 for one and $99 for 4

and via a special purchase we made direct from the German
Factory - a $20 beginner's Stock book for just $8.95/1

It holds all sorts of sizes of stamps, Mini Sheets and SS,
with double interleaving, this high quality hard bound 16-page
stock book is perfect for any collector!

Special buy - 4 for $29.95

both are available in red, green, dark brown, blue or tan

Please take a second and let us know what you think

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PS We really appreciate your business!

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