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Aug. 15, 1997

I want to thank all contest players.
I will give a hint

The three above are 3 of the 5 Greg has flown. He also flew the F-86

The Contest was to Win a FREE full sheet of the USAF Sheet or a
SS of Britain’s last Stamp in Hong Kong.

To Win Simply View the new USAF Sheet at

And tell us the order, by type, of the 5 aircraft Greg Flew
on this sheet. The first correct e-mail will win the $15 USAF Sheet.
If you correctly guess the 5 aircraft but in the
Wrong order you will still win the No. 10 Hong Kong Sheet)

New Web Sites - News & Indonesia

As you noticed you can read this Newsletter in text or
View the news with graphics. You can also review past offers
Many of you asked about items on our past news letters
so we listened and built a web site so you can review them at

Also - just opened - Our new Indonesia site at
Right now it has only a few Extremely Rare items

The Jakarta set of 7 SS issued at Indonesia 95
This is an impossible set to find. It came to our attention
because of the - off the scale - growth of this set.
The New Indonesian Katalog Perangko 1998.
Lists it at in the 1998 Book at Rp 450,000 per set
Up from Rp.350.000 per set in the 97 version
Indonesia is starting to grow like China, Hong Kong
and Macau did a few years ago and this is the fastest.
Try to buy them under $300. In 19887 they listed for
Rp. 230,000 per set, in 1998 Rp 350,000 per set.
This Like many fast growing Indonesian stamps (up 155%)
But it also is the first World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
issued before people started to collect the WWF Stamps.


New Macau SS

"Balconies of Macau"

I was able to get this SS at a very good price.
Check it out

Mysteries of the Universe

Check out

This Fantastic Set just in time for back to school
- has 16 of our Mysteries -
Sold in sets only - at less than $7.50 each

Disney Stamp Offer - giveaway?

Last week we mentioned a special offer
for the Disney Fairylike Book - Hear are the details

We are also Offering A special
Stamp/mount - package deal.

We sell the stamps
at half the Nationally advertised price of these stamps.

The $62.95 Fairy Tales Book Stamp and mount Package

is priced at less than half their advertised price
$62.95 Package = Stamps for the Book with 6 SS and 6 MS -
Nationally Advertised at $9 each unit * 12 = $108
+ Two 39 mm Strip Packs at $6 each + one 105 mm
Pack at $10 = $22 Retail =
(Retail then is $108 + $22 = $130)
$3 S/H
$0 Free HK No. 10 -

The Last British Stamp issued for Hong Kong
Issued for 1 day ONLY
Plus the
$20 BOOK - SOLD AT OUR COST OF $4 – No Dealers
All Yours for $69.95
(There just is no room for an additional discount)

Alien Sightings

A VERY High detonation set.
View it just to say you have seen it
in color (at


Hot - Investment Items

This might be a new feature. Let me know what you think
These are hot investment items
# 1 Marilyn Monroe SS at
#2 Hong Kong Entertainers at
# 3 Macau SS at 1/2 mu Regular Price view at
# 4 Set of 6 full sheets with China printed first time on this Hong Kong Set

Please let us know what you think
of our new Newsletter format.

P.s. Do not forget our Quick Glance of all our new stamps

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P.s. We really appreciate your business!
And Thanks for your support

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