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Express See Below for delivery by Christmas

A wwf stamp from Only 1000 Made

Dec. 17, 97

New Web Site - WWF
World Wide Fund for Nature

<- NEW! view at


Overwhelmed - Thanks
Express Service

New Web Site - WWF
- - - FREE The first WWF with order
US Item of the week
- - -
1355 Walt Disney

New Stamps
Diana New items - Three new Pages!
A look at 1998 US Stamps
Holidays! Meet our Families

Overwhelmed - Thanks
We Will Be New Adding Stamps Through-out The Holidays
Many of you found the link to our Christmas Stamps did not work
we have 100s of Christmas stamps and supplies we were
going to add but never got time to do it.

Rodney (shipping) Jason (Stock) and Paulette (The BOSS) work the internet.
For almost 10 days we stayed 5 -6 days behind on writing up your
orders and getting them packaged and shipped.

Our little company was not ready for the amount of orders we received
in the last month. We are now caught up to a one day backlog of orders.

We want to thank all of you for you patience, patronage, and -
most important- your friendship.
Our service provider also had some problems.
He decided to upgrade his system right in the middle of the
busiest shopping season. The result should be increased speed, security and
soon - we hope - a shopping cart system.

Express Service

If you need something delivered by - or ON Christmas - a nice touch -
we are offering a Christmas Express Service.
Call in your order by 11:00 am PST and we should be able to
express it that day - for a Christmas eve or Christmas Day Delivery.
We can also Gift wrap it and send along a nice card from you.
E-mail for details but call for orders (707) 448-1111
VISA and MasterCard accepted

New Web Site - WWF

We are very proud of our new web site - WWF or
World Wide Fund For Nature. We have selected a cross section
of the many stamps available around the world which contribute
to this fund. We have the very rare and very recent. The stamps are
all very beautiful and can teach about nature.
We have about three times the sample on the web to load yet -
so keep checking back as we will be loading hundreds
of new items over the holidays.

As a introduction to our site and WWF collecting we ore offering

- - - FREE The first WWF with order
This is the First of the WWF stamps from France and
it is yours free with your first WWF order.

US Item of the week

- - -
1355 Walt Disney

This is the only US Stamp with a Disney character on it.
(Bugs Bunny is Warner Brothers)

Get a full sheet of 50 for $14 or a block of 4 for $1.00.

New Stamps

The new Macau Martial Arts sheet is causing quite a commotion
Also check out the 50 different ships - on for each state _ WOW

Diana New items -

What a gift - the Princess Diana Christmas set

- Three new Pages!
We have added over a hundred new Diana stamps.

We have been checking - no one else - NO ONE ELSE has
the new releases on the net. We did a lengthy search
to check prices and to make sure ours were the lowest.
One customer put it this way
"When it comes to Princess Diana -
See them all and view them first at"

She let us use her comment on our site.
By our estimates we have 4-5 times the Princess Diana Stamps
that any competitor has. We also found during our search
that several folks are advertising items below our prices.

IN EVERY CASE when we tried to buy them
" they were out of stock" or "they were coming"
We have them all and will match any price if the other company
has them. Ours actually exist - and are ready to ship - NOW!

Like our Hong Kong SS which we have searched for
over the last several months - Try to find it anywhere
and last the Very Rare North Korean Princess Diana
- not available through our index only through this news letter

A look at 1998 US Stamps
You can see the new US stamps at
A special note if you need a last minute gift
Disney Animal Stories - an older set on sale
A special purchase allows us to offer these sets at a special price
Disney Animal Stories
View at

There are 6 different sets in the Animal Story Collection
A set of one Mini Sheet of 9 and one Souvenir Sheet is 10 % off
and take 30% off the entire collection.
The sets are marked $9.50
and the complete set of 6 sets are priced at 49.00
Mention this Newsletter to receive the sets at $8.49
and the complete set of 6 Mini sheets and 6 SS for $39.75

the gift that is also a great investment

the Imperf Bugs Bunny

already Auctioned at $500+

yours for $129
ready for gift wrapping and Express delivery

Express Mail Delivery
Order by Dec. 23 for delivery by Christmas
E-mail Greg, Paulette and I.C. Cool of Greg Caron Stamps
We accept cash, checks, or
We accept VISA - You can Charge It on VISA & MasterCard -
write us at PO Box 5125, Vacaville, CA 95696-5125 - call (707) 448-1111
Check back! We are always adding new stamps!


& Paulette and the Carons and Coreys

Jeff and Jason Caron outside in Vacaville or "Cow Town" in Spanish

Noel, Brian, Sandy, Elizabeth, Adrian, David, George, Peggy, and Greg Caron

Linn, Chris, Mickey, Evon, Paulette,Tina, Jennifer Corey

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