Aug. 22, 1997


Contest Winner - New Contest
US Pacific '97 Souvenir Sheets worth 1,300.00?
First Disney Set Sold Out World Wide
Rare Canadian Year Pack with Different perf
First Ever Hong Kong of "Beijing Printing"
Space SS On Sale now!

Contest Winner - New Contest

Hi the winner of last week's contest is Ray Miller
of Mountlake Terrace, WA. The contest was to guess what aircraft, and
in what order that Greg flew 5 of the aircraft at
the answer is F-86, T-38,

C-130, C-141, and the C-5

The new contest
is to guess Paulette's age.

WE will give only Yes or no answers. The winner - the first person to guess Paulette's birthday month and year or the closest as of September 16 - will win a free Marilyn Monroe sheet.

One of the fastest appreciating Souvenir Sheets in the US.

US Pacific '97 Souvenir Sheets worth 1,300.00?

Shown at
That is right - Only 500,000 sold.
If the Pacific 97 SS go up in value as fast as the VERY RARE #730
they will be worth over $1,300.
The US Post Office just released the total sold
of these two sheets during the Post Office's
shortest sales period in history - 10 days -
at 507,334 for the Franklin and 507,211 for the

view at
Washington. The 25c #730 SS sold only 456,704
and now lists between $25 and $42 - 100 to 170 times face.

Next week my price on these items two SS will rise to $29
They are retailing at $38 and my best wholesale price to replace them is $24

Take Advantage of This Last chance to Order at $20
which includes a mount for both of these rare SS.

This will be the buy of the decade! Please Order now

First Disney Set Sold Out World Wide

The first Disney stamp Set - the San Marino- is sold out worldwide.

view at
We tried to get a few more sets because we were almost out.
We tried every possible supplier and received the same answer
"We are sold out but please save us a few if you find them"

View set at
The Very First
EVER Disney set!
Complete set of 10 for only $12.00
buy for your collection, an investment or
for a Holiday gift - but whatever -
We only have a Dozen left - so Please buy soon!

Rare Canadian Year Pac with Different perf

The Discovery that the Hong Kong Year of the Ox Souvenir Sheet

view at
in the First Canadian Lunar Year Pack has a different Perf
than the SS issued in Hong Kong
has the entire world searching for this item.

We Sold dozens for $75 - On sale now at $19.00
Try to find this item anywhere, at any Price!

Other Year of the Ox items at

First Ever Hong Kong of "Beijing Printing"

The first stamps issued for Hong Kong Printed in China

View at
The stamps are as beautiful as they are valuable!
Most collectors put aside a set of 6 - like we did -
But only at the bottom of the sheet does it say
"Beijing Printing Factory."
The face on this set of 6 sheets is around $55 US$
We sell them for $75 for a complete set of 6 full sheets
Mention this News letter and they are yours for $66
remember only on the full sheet do you see the "Beijing"

Space SS On Sale now!

view at

All of a sudden everyone wants this US SS
get yours for just $6.00
Other SS on Sale like
get all 4 for $3.00


What's New

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at What's New, by clicking one of the
The What’s New cool stamps buttons.

Ps Paulette has gotten a lot of phone calls asking
if we still had some of these. Yes 23 left

Disney Fairytales Book

Paulette found this book and wanted it for
a back to school gift For Chris and Tina.
We loved it so much when we got it
We bought out the entire inventory of this beautiful book.

It is a hardbound 40 + - page book of 6 fairytales.
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Snow White and
The 7 Dwarfs, Peter Pan, and Greg’s favorite, Alice in
Wonderland. You can buy the book just to read
or you can put the Disney Stamps sets of these
Fairytales in the book. We are also offering a special
Stamp/mount - package deal. We sell the stamps
at half the Nationally advertised price of these stamps.
View at



Please Remember:
You can always get a quick look

at What's New, by clicking one of the
The What’s New at buttons

Thanks so much Greg and Paulette
(707) 448-1111
PO Box 5125
Vacaville, CA 95696

Ps We really appreciate your business!

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