Sept. 26

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NEW! Elton John and Princess Di in Stamps



New Navigator - Contest

OOPS - New Golf Sheet

Greg's Birthday Sale - 4 days left

Princess Diana - New

Last Chance Pacific 97 SS

View the Bugs Bunny Inperf die cut

Topical Catalogs for WWF

Investment Items - Montserrat

New Navigator - Contest!

I am putting this little coolstamps navigator all over our web site so you can
navigate with greater ease.

Look for me to navigate

Look for him - and let's try and name him.

The person with the best name according to our distinguished judges
(Paulette and I) will win their choice of a Diana Dresses sheet at
or the US Space SS at
The contest ends October 2, 1997 and the winner will be announced next week.
If you have won in the past 60 days you are ineligible
but we would like to here your suggestions anyway.

We have also changed our cool and new menus to aid in loading times.

OOPS - New Golf Sheet.

Last week my newsletter showed our new golf sheet

but without a price or link as to where it could be found.
It is the ideal gift for $8.00 and Look for it here

Greg's Birthday Sale - ONLY 4 days left

That's right - Our Second Annual Greg's Birthday Sale!
Take 5% off all United States Stamps and Souvenir Sheets.
Take 10 % off everything else except supplies
(We sell supplies too near cost as a service to our customers)
Greg's birthday was September 16, and we will honor the
sale prices on any order received or reserved through e-mail
prior to September 30, 1997.

This is a great time to get your Christmas Presents early.
The sale includes Disney, Princess Diana, Stars,
Topicals - All our stamps -Everything except Supplies!


Princess Diana

We have added 30 new items including some beautiful locals
of Princess Diana with Elton John, Mother Teresa, victims of land mines,

the Red Cross and more.. at

It also turns out we are suppose to be charging you 5 times
what we are charging for the set of Di11,s because they are
the rare inperf versions which are not even Scott listed.

Like this


WARNING - buy your Princess Diana stamps from stamp dealers!

We are starting to become the worlds central point for Princess Diana
Stamps. We have receives MANY e-mails about services offering stamps
that do not exist, are not in stock - but they get your name etc. and other
less than cool activities. BE CAREFULL!

The British government has not released their new stamp of the Princess
- nor will they until Di's brother says it is time to do so. Sources in England
report that will be this December or later. Makes it hard to get a first day cover
of a stamp, as reported in ads, "that has just been issued "

Next week we will have a new selection to include a special collection
Of very high class covers with Princess Diana, that I promised you for this week.
Believe it or not, the sender in Britain put "Philatelic Material" on the customs form.
US Customs returned it to the man with a note asking him to tell them
what kind of cloth the "Philatelic Material" was.
They are on their way back and
We will be adding them and other new items all week so keep checking our site at:

Our cost on the Dresses sheet just went up a $1.00
Please move quickly on this sheet of 9 paintings of Princess Diana
in the dresses she donated to the recent charity auction.

This is the same sheet seen in the Newspapers and on TV,
offered at $13 - We have kept our price at $7.75.but we will
have to raise them soon. On major Supplier was wholesaling them in
lots of 100 at $690 and reports they are sold out world wide
We also offer the 6 Souvenir Sheets that go with this sheet at

Out Postcards are back in stock.
And we now have a enough first day covers to complete
our special Official British Wedding set


Last Chance Pacific 97 SS

The Pacific 97 Pair of SS is rocketing up in price.
I think the set will hit $500 in a year
I have received threats due to my price of only $20/set
they say they are buying wholesale at $2000/100
They get mad when I mention my newsletter customers also get
and additional 5% off until the 30th.

Check them out at

View the  - Bugs Bunny Inperf die cut

Many of you wanted to see the inperf version of the Bugs Bunny
sheet so I loaded it at

We are offering a few of this Bugs Bunny Sheet with the
Straight die cut and the stamp in the large pane of a
Bugs bunny not perforated - Several customers had asked about this item.
It was almost impossible to find and I paid a huge premium just to get a few.
I have to charge $39 for it. Please e-mail for availability. NO DEALER DISCOUNTS!


Topical Catalogs for WWF

We now carry the complete line of Topical Catalogs by DOMFIL
These carry a photo of each and every stamp. First day cover, postcard and
Souvenir /Sheet issued for that topic and everything about each item.
They give Scott Numbers, Michel Number, and several others
plus their cost for each item
These are the Catalogs and their retail and our cost:
Ps We will allow an additional 5% off of our discounted prices for Greg's
Birthday sale on orders e-mailed before or on the 30th of September

WWF $49.95 ---> $46
Marine Life $49.95 ---> $46
Butterflies and insects $39.95 ---> $36.50
Pre-Historic/Dinosaurs $29.95 ---> $27.50
More information next week

Investment Items - Montserrat

I am almost out of stamp sets of Montserrat - Investors feel
The country will go away with all the volcanic activity.
Here is a list of the better items from Montserrat

The entertainers: Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and
Elvis Presley and The Grateful Dead
and the Montserrat Volcano at
and the Montserrat Volcano at

I guess the entire world loves the next item is from Japan.
Their comic greetings

Self -adhesive pane of Doraemon stamps These stamps
are selling like crazy and have sold out in Japan

also to read more about this character go to

Please take a second and let us know what you think
about our newsletter

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Try me now! Just
Click me and I will help you navigate

Thanks so much Greg and Paulette
(707) 448-1111
PO Box 5125
Vacaville, CA 95696

Ps We really appreciate your business!

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