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Aug 7, 1997 -

Weekly Newsletter Headlines


: Win the $15 USAF Sheet or HK No 10
Largest Up load of Stamps in 5 months
’96 Macau Year Set
New US Booklet Service
New web Sites More to Come
18 New Famous People and Movie stars
Disney Fairytales Book
Disney Stamps on Cards
New Tall ships
Also Sports, Pacific 97
Hong Kong to China Items

Quick Glance of all our new stamps

- - - - - - -> CONTEST:

Win a FREE full sheet of the USAF Sheet or a
SS of Britain’s last Stamp in Hong Kong.
To Win Simply View the new USAF Sheet at
And tell us the order, by type, of the 5 aircraft Greg Flew
on this sheet.

The first correct e-mail will win the $15 USAF Sheet.
If you correctly guess the 5 aircraft but in the
Wrong order you will still win the No. 10 Hong Kong Sheet
An easier contest next week

- - - - - - -> Record Up-Load

WE just added $25,000.00, in new stamps.
Our Weekly Newsletter would be too long to list them all.
There are a few I would like to draw attention too
We bought out the entire stock of the hardbound
Disney Fairytale Collector’s Book. It was selling for $19.95
and we are offering it at our cost of $4.00. view it at

The new Baseball card Stamps for baseball
and Disney at
Last, Please check out the special purchase
we made of classic movie stars listed at


- - - - - - -> 1996 Macau Year Set

I was very lucky and with a large purchase of other items I
was able to obtain the impossible to find - The Complete
Macau 1996 Year Set at:

It is a fantastic buy at less than twice face. The post office
sold them for around US$110 and I have them at $199. I went

They said the SS alone were worth $250 at "
their best buy price" I have a few more coming this week.
If you are even a little interested tell me to hold one
ASAP. This is not sales hype - I just do not want you to
Be disappointed if I sell out. P.S. Check it out yourself or
Take it to an expert – it is worth a lot more than $300.00
Now Older Macau sets – just a few years old
sell for 10 times face!


- - - - - - -> New US Booklet Service

Our long awaited consignment of a huge booklet collection is
in place. You can now order booklets like
2883a Summer Garden Flowers, Unfolded Payne,
Position 2, 2 Tag Tab, Top Edge Gap
If you are interested in this specialized service,
e-mail and I will explain the details. For now it is for
booklets and not for all the non-booklet Self Adhesive Panes


- - - - - - -> New web Sites More to Come

Check out the New Classic Fairytales and Cartoons site at

and our new China, Hong Kong, Macau page at
We listened to you. Several new web pages will aid loading
times. Like the China page has now been divided into 9 pages.
The home page is much smaller and we put a Quick-
Glance of all our new stamps on a new – high graphics page:

You can access this quick look at What's New, off our home page by clicking
The What’s New cool stamps button.

We will be adding, hopefully next week, a mix and match page
The Internets "bargain Basement"
These are stamps we can offer below $3.00


- - - - - - -> Famous People and Movie stars

-We added 18 new movie star and famous people sheets to
and another 6 are to be loaded. If you are a collector of
Audie Murphy

to Jimmy Stewart, you will find them
At this site and best of all, we have a buy 4 get a 5th FREE
sale! Please see the star.html site for details (Sn7-sn14 only)

- - - - - - -> Disney Fairytales Book

Paulette found this book and wanted it for
a back to school gift For Chris and Tina.
We loved it so much when we got it
We bought out the entire inventory of this beautiful book.

It is a hard bound 40+ page book of 6 fairytales.
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Snow White and
The 7 Dwarfs, Peter Pan, and Greg’s favorite, Alice in
Wonderland. You can buy the book just to read
or you can put the Disney Stamps sets of these
Fairytales in the book. We are also Offering A special
Stamp/mount - package deal. We sell the stamps
at half the Nationally advertised price of these stamps.



- - - - - - -> Disney Stamps on Cards
Yes that is right! Real self-adhesive postage stamps
mounted on Base ball card stock.
Issued for the opening of Euro-Disney in France.
The cards are the first 50, all numbered 1-50,
like abaseball card,

with a description on the back of the card of the classic
Disney film or cartoon illustrated on the front of the card.
They were issued in English and French - We have the
English version at $59 And the matching set
of 1-50 in French at $65. We only have a very
Few sets so please e-mail us to reserve your set today!

View 100s of other Disney Stamps At

- - - - - - -> New Tall ships

Also Sports, Pacific 97
We have added new ships, motorcycles and racecars to
(more Trains at Pacific 97)
New 5 countries for Pacific ’97 collectors at
Base Ball cards Postage Stamps – Yes real postage on cards
with the Players statistics etc on the back of the card –
a REAL WOW at:

- - - - - - -> Hong Kong to China Items

A dealer wants to buy all my China, and Hong Kong items
Celebrating the VERY historic return of Hong Kong to China
If you may want some of these items e-mail us now.
Please view them at:

- - - - - - -> Thanks so much Greg and Paulette
(707) 448-1111
PO Box 5125
Vacaville, CA 95696

Ps We really appreciate your business!
And Thanks for your support

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