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Nov 6, 1998
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New Disney 1999 Catalog
NEW 240 pages of all Disney images retail $20 - $15.95 if you mention this news letter
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Disney's 9 inch+ Christmas Train. $3.95  See it at
Holiday Gift Idea = Disney's First Comic Book   11 Pages of Comic Sheetlets
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Children Stories
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New Diana 1 Year
Memorial Issues
Try New Search Site
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Search for Betty Boop
Check it out at


New Disney

Diana 1 Year Memorials
New Automated Supplies Site

New Titanic
New Stamps
Custom Web Hosting

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Tina and Mickie this Halloween

New Disney
1999 - 240 page Disney Catalog
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The long awaited Disney Catalog.  Not since 1993 has there been a catalog of just Disney Stamps
The New 1999 Brookman Disney has 240 plus pages of images of all the Disney stamps.
Unlike the 1993 version, this book is just Disney and the images of each and every
stamp are large enough to see the details of the stamps. 

Gift?    Order today for shipment November 10
Retail is $20.  We are selling them for $17.95 or
this news letter and receive it for $15.95.

Greg's Disney WOW!
shown at 1/2 its  Very large size
guy98-93-135-comicbook2.jpg (134068 bytes)
The First Disney Comic Book.  11 large Sheetlets bound in a Great Christmas
tribute to Carl Barks author of "Christmas on Bear Mountain" $24.95
See it at
also see the new 70th Birthday of Mickey Mouse Sheets
Each with a special Birthday Logo
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Search at
Diana 1 Year Memorials
guy9823co-di-hampton.jpg (65366 bytes)
Each Memorial issue features 6 beautiful stamps of Diana
set on a famous British Landmark which was special to Diana
See them at

Also many customers have asked for the very rare Bosnia Princess Diana Coin
eng9820-coincover2.jpg (163540 bytes)
We found it on this beautiful cover from Benham. 
Above you can see the front and back of this special large cover and coin combination
This very rare set comes with a Numbered Certificate.  We do not carry many
Covers, but this one rates our recommended buy (What a Gift!)

collecting-supplies-banner-white75.jpg (6257 bytes)
We have now added our automated order form.
It is working Great.  Customers are getting their supplies ship direct from
the manufacturer within days at prices way below advertised "discount prices".  
As an accurate estimate on 95% of the items figure a 26% discount.  (Retail Cost times .74)

Ready now for newsletter members
Go to
Grand Opening Specials Like
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This Brand New Completely Up to Date Lighthouse Hingeless Album
Lighthouse's Normal Special Price is $349.99 Get yours for  Half Price $174.95
Stock Pages as low as $2.35/Pack 5

We feature supplies from Lindner, Safe, and Lighthouse at

lindner-cover-sml.jpg (6061 bytes) safe-cover-sml.jpg (7719 bytes) lighthouse-cover-sml.jpg (6827 bytes)

Our costs + 10% its that simple!

New Titanic

sav9843co-goldtitanic.jpg (29948 bytes)  



22 Kt Gold Titanic - We can't scan the very shinny gold but it is a real WOW!
View it at
ang9821co-titanicplan.jpg (81063 bytes)
View these and more at

Look for hundreds of the Newest

stamps at the new searchable site

lib9823co-childrenstory2.jpg (79677 bytes)
Click to view this huge sheet in actual size or
go to to order
We now list our stamps in the order we have added them to the web
so click on view all and you will see the most  recent additions first.
We have added hundreds of new W.W. II stamps

tan9822ss-flytiger.jpg (12970 bytes)
and Betty Boop
nig9810coboop9.jpg (96186 bytes)
for $8.95 Quick view ->
Search Sub Topics for Betty Boop - More Betty Coming!
Also View the New Gandhi
lib9825ss-gandhiss.jpg (7345 bytes)
and Famous Composers and Playwrights
gam9812co-8composers.jpg (73827 bytes)
and Christmas Stamps and Art like Picasso
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New Collectibles Site

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For our Collectibles Dealers
WILL NOT Find an
Easier, Friendlier, or Less Expensive
E-Commerce System - PERIOD!

Designed with little or no Internet Knowledge we take your list
- in almost any format and make you a custom tailored -
full electronic, E-commerce system with your own custom shopping cart
your own custom search engine and secure credit card check out order form.
Designed for collectible dealers - it is so easy we call it
the EZ-E System
Visit our Sample Store
Free links - Custom Web Hosting
Check out our Lowest Prices or just add a link to your site for free.
we offer
Easy setup.
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Aliases
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Unlimited use of the "EZ-E" search engine
Unlimited use of the "EZ-E" shopping cart
Listing on World Collectible's vendor list
Private FTP to maintain your site
5 Email accounts
Free Personal Site Statistics
Server-Side Includes
Real Audio / Video Support
Secure Server
The Super Mall of Collectibles

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Jeff, George, and Jason Caron
Check the news letter for
on Holidays Gifts!
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