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Aug 31, 1998
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In Honor of Princess Diana a
One Year Remembrance
Aug 31, 1998


Greg's 3rd Annual Birthday Sale!
10% off Everything
except US, Supplies, and the SG Diana Book offer

Yes! that is us in the news!
Diana - 1 Year Remembrance
New Searchable Diana site

New Titanic Stamps, Coins,
and Even a Trivia Game
Look for hundreds of the newest
stamps at the new searchable site

New Disney
New Dealer Collectable site
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Our 3rd Annual
Once a Year
10% off Everything*
except US, Supplies, and the SG Diana Book offer
This is our third year offering our once a year Sale.

The Sale which runs from Now until September 16, celebrates Greg's Birthday
on the 16th of September.
Whether you charge or send a check any payment received between now and
September 16 will qualify for a 10% discount
on one condition*.
You must e-mail us that you would like the 10% discount and
* a. ----- Wish Greg Happy Birthday! (39th - maybe) or
b. ----- Foward your Deepest sympathy to Paulette for putting up with Greg.

As in Previous years, US Stamps, and Supplies
- which we offer at cost plus 10% as a service to our customers
will not qualify.
(You may still order your supplies and we will continue to
obtain them at our cost and charge you just 10% over)
and the only other item is

diana-album-cover-25.jpg (16630 bytes)
The Special Full color book with stamps from around the world

This sale even applies to our 99.9% pure silver coins of Diana and the Titanic>
A great investment idea for those trying to protect their savings, especially
with the Stock Market having a 500 point - 8 month drop - today.

Yes! that is us in the news!
That was us in both August Editions of
collectit-20.jpg (5389 bytes) - - majestyaddvsmal.jpg (6007 bytes)
Collect and Majesty Magazines
"complete inventory...friendly people...the best site for Princess Diana stamps"

Diana - 1 Year Remembrance
New Searchable Diana site

We have added some beautiful Diana Stamps
gra98dianagold-20-hat.jpg (31948 bytes)
Including this 22Kt Gold Stamp
These are real hard to scan as the very shinny
Gold does not scan well but they are beautiful!
And to be released today - a set of 99.9% silver coins
They retail for $89 but we are offering all 3 at a very special price of $99
Note your 10% Greg's Birthday Sale discount even applies on these special items
Pure 999 Silver - Real Coins wiill be released Aug 31
We only have a picture as the real pure silver coins
- issued as a one year Remembrance -
will not be released until today, Aug 31.

NOTE you can see these at our present site - as before
or our NEW
Searchable Automated site at

New Titanic Stamps, Coins,
and Even a Trivia Game

titanic-gamepromo.jpg (12368 bytes)
Four Levels and a thousand Questions.
This limited edition - The only Trivia game licensed by the
Titanic Historical Society -
This game itself will probably become a collectable
$29.95 plus an additional $2 Shipping.

We also have a Puzzle - a Great Christmas Present
and the new Titanic Movie stamps
titanic-niger-9808-oldwoman.jpg (48348 bytes)
It's is the long awaited Niger Souvenir Sheet.

and - of course - Leo and Kate

komi1sml.jpg (19151 bytes)

and our limited coin
titanic999-steam.jpg (33160 bytes)

and even Phone Cards
titanic-phone-set2of6.jpg (108215 bytes)

Look for hundreds of the Newest

stamps at the new searchable site

Wondering where all our new stamps are going -
Other than Disney and Diana Stamps check
You Can ask "what is new in the last 30 days"
and only view the new additions - Which are enormous
You will see hundreds of new stamps

You may search for Stamps in many ways
View them all
See what is new - Type in the days since your last visit
Search by Country
Major Topic,
or for a more specific search try Minor category
You can even search the descriptions for
key words or part of key words
Use "hammer" not "Hammers"

and by all or part of our item number or SKU

New Disney

See our new Hercules set at
gra98-271-76hercules98b.jpg (37947 bytes)gra98-271-76hercules98a.jpg (42959 bytes)
View them and more at


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