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New set of 5 (photo copy shown) now available! Set shown in the StampMagnet
February 04, 1998


New Princess Diana Set
New StampMagnet Exclusive

Diana New items - Three new Pages!
New - Year of the Tiger Site
US Item of the week

Investment tips:

New Princess Diana Set
We are very excited about the new British Set of Princess Diana
just released the 3rd of February. Just as we carry EVERY
new issue of Princess Diana, the New sets from England
should be at our door around or before the 6th
via express mail. Besides the stamp sets we will be getting
the official covers, presentation packs, and we will also
be getting unfolded full sheets.

A full UNFOLDED sheet is $89.95 Plus an additional $3 for the wood
we will use to protect it. We are probably the only dealer offering
the sheet UNFOLDED. We had to sign special waivers and ship
them our own shipping tube in order to received them unfolded
from England.

A complete set of 5, attached, will be $4.45, an Official British
Government Cover less than $9 and what we recommend,
the "British" equivalent to the US Plate Block - the cross gutter block of 4
sets will be $18.95 and $21.95 for the top or bottom.
We do not have exact prices on all the other items like
Presentation Packs and silk covers but we expect they will be less than
half what you will be seeing on TV and offered through
mass mailings. Please order your stamps now and watch our
newsletter for more details and our new page

by coolstamps
.com -

We were selected to be the Sole US Distributor of the

StampMagnet version of the set of 5. Shown above is a sample made of
draft images of the stamps. The StampMagnets use a
copyrighted process to deliver the ultimate in clarity. The clear cover is
bonded to a special magnetic medium. The result is the perfect gift for
any Princess Diana Collector. The set of 5 in a patented magnetic
display unit - This StampMagnet - will cost $8.95. -
An ideal Gift. Place them on the home refrigerator, office cabinet,
or use them as a special bookmark.
We also have individual StampMagnets of one of the
the above stamps for $2.95 each or $11.95 for all 5.
These items are also available through Paulette's Approval Service

Diana - Three new Pages! -
We just added 25 new sets from around the world

and more new Diana including the rest of the Togo Dresses
Souvenir sheets. Back in September the issue was released with
only 6 of the 9 SS in the set. Togo finally released the last 3 of the set!

and an incredible set

and Two classic Diana Pages
Princess Diana

A Classic Princess Diana Stamp from
and singles at

New - Year of the Tiger Site
We will be adding dozens of Year of the Tiger items this week to
our new site

We will be also offering past issues of available year of the Ox
at special prices. Please check back during the week
as we will be loading dozens of new items every day.
The items we are really impressed with is the Canadian SS
shown above and the Hong Kong SS below

US Item of the Week:
As many of you know the bugs bunny Imperf remains a great item

the Imperf Bugs Bunny
already Auctioned at $500+
Was $129
and now for newsletter customers only $99
(please mention the February Newsletter when ordering)

Sale $99

I have 10 at this price but please e-mail for availability

Investment tip:
Pacific 97 Full Pads $1599
With only 500,000 made could the
US Pacific '97 Souvenir Sheets
be worth 130,000.00?

Shown at
The Pac 97 Sets were sold during the Post Office's
shortest sales period in history - 10 days -
- Only 500,000 were sold.
507,334 Franklins and 507,211 Washingtons
the last US Souvenir Sheet to
only sell 1/2 million was #730.

The 25c #730 SS sold only 456,704. It
now lists between $25 and $42 - that is 100 to 170 times face!

If the Pacific 97 SSs go up in value as much as #730
they could be worth over $1,300 per set.
A Pad of 100 would be worth $130,000 to

view at

One PAD only available at $1599!
Will this be the buy of the decade?

Year of the tiger press sheet

This is the Canadian Year of the Tiger uncut Press sheet
At Pacific 97 its predecessor, the Year of the OX caused such
pandemonium that the Mounted Police were brought in
to help control the crowd. The only injury at the show
was due to a run for the Year of the Ox uncut press sheet.
At this time last year
I was selling the Year of the Ox Press Sheet
for $75 and by the end of March that year for $285.
Now, comes the Year of the Tiger - Sold out in 6 hours, two weeks
before the Public release of its existence. One week later it was
auctioned in New York at $95 and dealers were asking $125.00
Two weeks after its release none were to be found. I suggest an
immediate move on this item. It is rocketing in value.
We are offering it at $69 + s/h View it at
actual size 22x24

Remember the warm days of summer?
Meet us - we treat our customers like family!
Paulette her sister Jennifer and the kids in our back yard- August 97
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