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A wwf stamp from Only 1000 Made

Jan. 12, 98
To Celebrate our
New WWF Web Site -

World Wide Fund for Nature

Sale full sheet - $4.95
of Russian WWF Tigers - view
them and other WWF Stamps at


Happy New Year
New fax number

New - North Korea Site
New Disney & 99c special

US Item of the week
New Stamps
Diana New items - Three new Pages!
Investment tip:
and our Superbowl

Happy New Year
We hope you all had a very nice Christmas and new year
With a house full of kids we took a few days off and had quite a good time.

We want to thank all of you for you patronage, and -
most important- your friendship last year.
Here are some improvements we are working on now
and should be in place soon - for your 1998 shopping:
a easy order form
a shopping card
a secure credit card and order form
a searchable data base
Again - Thanks so much!

New fax number
If you need something ASAP just fax us now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have made a simple form you can print and fax.
You will find it on our charge it page
Click to go to the order form click the VISA or MasterCard Logos anywhere on our site click to charge
to go to our order form and charge information page

We have decided to continue the successful Express Mail Order Service
and gift wrapping that we offered for Christmas.
Need a gift in a hurry?
Call in your order by 11:00 am PST and we should be able to
express it that day - for a next Day* Delivery.
We can also Gift wrap it and send along a nice card from you.
E-mail for details but call for orders (707) 448-1111
or fax 24 hrs. at (707)-448-1881
Prepaid or VISA and MasterCard Credit card orders only.
*Certain areas the USPS will only guarantee two day service.

New - North Korea Site
We have a new site at
Many of you wanted the impossible to find North Korean
Princess Diana Stamp sets and Souvenir Sheets
New North Korean Web site
North Korean Stamps of Princess Diana

We are very proud of our new web site - It took us months
to find these beautiful items and we were very lucky with the prices we
bought them at. With most Princess Diana items selling at 2-8 times
their catalog values, we are offering these incredibly rare items
at the catalog price plus 25% to cover expenses and a little profit.

As an introduction to this new site we are offering newsletter members
only - a 5% discount for items ordered from the North Korean site.
Mention the news letter when ordering

New Disney & 99c special
Hot from Paris, France -we have just received the EuroDisneyland Birthday card
it is a must for any Disneyland or Disney collector!

We have also added our 1998 99c special.
For only 99 cents get the new Pocahontas Mini Sheet
only 99c
Only 99c - Happy New Year

US Item of the week

18 different "g" stamps plus the famous g stamp identification guide
this guide make figuring out the g-stamps easy -
all 18 stamps and the guide for $8.95

New Stamps

We are very excited about our new Bruce Lee set at

Also you can chose new car stamps - Vet or Beatles?

and about 100 more different stamps in every category

Diana New items - Three new Pages!

We added my favorite set of stamps to date of Princess Diana
a set of 9 large Souvenir sheets of her in her beautiful gowns.

page 1
also New sets at our second page

and the North Korean Page has been expanded

Investment tip:
As many of you know the bugs bunny Imperf remains a great item

the Imperf Bugs Bunny
already Auctioned at $500+

yours for $129
However the normal sheet seems sold out across the US
The demand continues so if you can find them - buy them.

Also a full pad of the hardest to find us sheet.
 100 Mint Sheets in a sealed Post Office Pack
for just $899
I was paying $11.00/sheet Wholesale and could not find them
100 Mint Sheets in a sealed Post Office Pack
Simply Put - A GREAT investment.
Call (707) 448-1111 for details!
Christmas and our Superbowl
Here are a few of our holiday photos

What did I get Paulette for Christmas?
I finger painted her a Christmas Shirt
P.S. She loved it! - Greg
Our Christmas Superbowl
P.S. No serious injuries
Looks like an injury was only a minor bump!

Happy new year and enjoy the real Superbowl
Greg and Paulette
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