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July 16, 1998
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Disney's New Milan


Disney Mulan
The First Princess Diana Coins
New Titanic Issue
Brand New topical stamps at the
NEW Searchable Cool

Disney Mulan
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View at
and part 2 of the Hercules set
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Hercules as a Child

The First Princess
Diana Coins

di9807silvercoin.jpg (30414 bytes)
a 99.9% Pure Silver $20 Coin.  We can not scan it well as the
shinny silver surface reflects back as black.
This is first in a set of 6
other New Diana Stamps

di9807afghan9.jpg (51463 bytes)
View it at

New Titanic Issue
titanic-bahamas.jpg (35430 bytes)
See in full size at
New Titanic only a few left!

New Topicals at

Some Examples
grs9753co-shipwrecks.jpg (117399 bytes)   
Clark Gable - Gone with the Wind with the
Real Rhett Butler
con9801co-wwfx4.jpg (57339 bytes)     uga9814co-3sailship.jpg (30387 bytes)    guy9455co-redsea.jpg (102288 bytes)
Brand New Congo WWF - World Classic Ships - Parting of the Red Sea
gui98ss-2tigers.jpg (50135 bytes)    ang9806co-6dogs.jpg (28855 bytes)
Tigers - Dogs - Cats and More

Welcome to the New Stamps

We will try to have the brand new releases on this site as quickly as possible
The Princess Diana, Titanic, and Disney will be loaded to their own pages

You may search for Stamps in many ways
View them all
See what is new - Type in the days since your last visit
Search by Country
Major Topic,
or for a more specific search try Minor category
You can even search the descriptions for
key words or part of key words
Use "hammer" not "Hammers"

and by all or part of our item number or SKU
Most important enjoy the stamps!

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