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June 30, 1998
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Stamps of Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet in Stock at titanic.html

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100s of new Stamps
Diana Album In Stock
th of July Specials
Coolstamps Wholesale Offerings
A Exclusive
5 New Titanic Issues

Found: Sharjha Imperf Disney
US Item of the Month
New at Star
NJM Cachets

Investment tips:

Search! Search! Search!
100s of new Stamps
Dozens just released this month
Search cool at
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As we have been promising our new site is up!
you can search for what stamps have been added
in XX (you tell us) number of days or 
use the sites general or very detailed
search engine to allow to check on your topic or your country.
  It will of course provide full shopping and credit card processing.
Check it out and search for your topic at

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Please let us know about using our new
shopping cart - cart.gif (267 bytes) - automated shopping system!

The system allows you to order an item and it computes your
total and allows you to do a secure transfer of your credit card
information.  securearea-gold.gif (1522 bytes) It works! 
The First Princess
Diana Stamp Album

See the book  move-rose.gif (4485 bytes)

The Inside back page of the June Global Ad
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We have an even better offer for News Letter Readers
Get the book with all the Pre-cut mounts
for the book for $24.95

4th of July Specials
Special Stamps Priced right for you
and for gifts. 
E-Mail for Quantity Discounts of 10 or more of the same item
The Princess Diana Guinea Sheetlet of 9
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Our 4th of July Price of $3.75/1 $29.95/10 - What a Gift
View it at
WE are also offering EVERY date of The Princess Diana Issue in FULL unfolded sheets
and Blocks of 20 stamps with the date. This includes the 6th and one sheet of the 4th of September 97

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The Titanic set from Somaliland $6.95/1  $49/10
See in full size at

Coolstamps Wholesale Offerings
A Exclusive

If you need a Quantity of a single stamp or need a large (>$1,000)
selection of 2-5 of several items e-mail us for you dealer discount.
5 New Titanic Issues
Other Titanic issues at the Nets Largest Titanic in Stamps site
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To see them FIRST and View them ALL consider joining
Paulette's Titanic New Issue Service at
Visit or E-Mail Paulette
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New Titanic Issue
Our new one stop  R.M.S. Titanic Site
Features ALL Titanic Stamps

Sharjha Imperf Disney

 dis-sharjimpf-snoww.jpg (53344 bytes) dis-sharjimpf4tom-jer.jpg (19839 bytes)ndisney.html
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We only have a very few sets so e-mail to hold them
We have Snow White, Tom and Jerry, Goofy, Pinocchio,
Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd
View them at
Coming soon!  Disney's Mulan

US Item of the Month
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view at
No cuts between the two panes!
The Tweety sheet from the press sheet without the
roulette cut between the sheet of 9 on the left and the
large card of one stamp on the right side
Special Newsletter Price - $17.95
also get the imperf version

New at Star
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one of 3 in a Very cool Star Wars set

NEW Israel '98 Sets
Watch for stamps with the Israel '98 stamp show
"apple" overprint like
mic9811ss-3rebekah.jpg (29029 bytes)
the Micronesia Bible series above
and Topol below
nev9808co-topol98.jpg (53279 bytes)
Both available at the New Cool
search Major Categories for
Stamp Shows Israel '98

Investment tips:

We recommend the Mars Pathfinder full press sheet
with the column of 6, $3 Souvenir Sheets that are wider by about
a half inch than the regular stamp and has perforations on both sides

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Now the reason we recommend the entire press sheet is
the center, wider stamp, with the perforations on both
the left and right side, has been recognized as a different
stamp by both Linns and the Stamp Collector (Owned
with Scott and Minkus) so we are confident it will get a
  unique stamp number.  However,  the stamp to the left and
right of the center stamp have perforations on just the
right and left side respectively and are also wider
than the Post Office variety.  We do not know what these other
two stamps will end up as - A unique stamp or a variety of the
press sheet center stamp.
  Since there were only 10,000 press sheets with 3 columns of 6
that makes only 60,000 made of each of the three varities.
We are offering the unfolded press sheet of 18, $3 SS
at only $109.99
NJM Cachets
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Has joined coolstamps check them out each hand painted by Nate
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Tina and Chris enjoy Summer Vacation
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