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March 02, 1998
dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)
Full unfolded Sheet dated 06-09-97


POOH and Tigger
New Mickey Mouse Disney set
New Princess Diana Set
New StampMagnet Exclusive

Investment tips:

dimicpooh100ms8promo.jpg (28614 bytes)

Pooh and Tigger! Good and Bad news.
The Good News - Our long awaited Pooh set - The

100 Acre Woods has arrived
It is more beautiful and cool than we thought
It has 1 MS and 2 SS  for $13.95
Bad News - Issue was sold out - we could not increase
our contract amount so only 90 sets are available from us.
Please move FAST on this hot issue!

ps Other Pooh sets at
New Cool Disney Stamps from
and  back in stock the impossible to find Anguilla '82 Christmas

More New Disney -

A Year in the Life of Mickey Mouse
A special moment for each month.
difriendsms6-1s.jpg (12757 bytes)
This really cool set has two Mini Sheets and 4 Souvenir Sheets
The Perfect Easter Present for yourself or a special person

difriendss1-2s.jpg (8722 bytes)

The R.M.S. Titanic

sstvtitanics.jpg (10021 bytes) More Titanic coming next Week

New Princess Diana Set
Important!  Please be sure you get the 1997 ORIGINAL Printing
We are very excited about the new British Set of Princess Diana
just released the 3rd of February.

Set 5 attached stamps $4.45  - or get them  In our special StampMagnet $8.75
Besides the stamp sets we now have in stock the official covers,
presentation packs, and we unfolded full sheets. * * *

The Presentation Packs
dineweng5ppphotoss.jpg (20475 bytes)
Along with the 5 stamps in a archival quality holder and
photos of Diana from child to Princess,
these Packs include a tribute to Diana written by Mike Barden,
and a copy of a letter dineweng5ppchildss.jpg (3947 bytes)
from a 5 year old girl.

We are offering this great gift item at $8.95.

NOTE: The British Government has decided to reprint the stamps until
everyone has as many as the want.  This un heard of move means
it will be difficult to distinguish the original 1997, stamps which were
printed within days of her death, from the very plentiful and 1998 reprints.
  We therefore recommend collecting sets with the printing date attached
as shown below.  You can see in the margin the "09 09 97" or Sept 9, 1997

(Please see our Princess Diana full sheet sheet diagram. ) 
We recommend Greg's Gutter Set. 

dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)
06   09   97
"The day the stamp printing presses stopped"
Full UNFOLDED Sheets with the date of

Princess Diana's funeral  Regular $159 -
News letter Price $149 > VIEW
di81engxgutter4s.jpg (16856 bytes)
Greg's Gutter Special
dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)

Gutter Blocks of 4 sets of both the 1981 Royal Wedding Set ($400 value)
and the 1997 printing of the Princess Diana Commemorative
issue with attached 1997 date $64.95

Please visit our Princess Diana full sheet sheet diagram.

There are two Official covers from the British Government. One Cover
with a postmark from "Kensington" Palace where Princess Diana lived
and another with "Edinburgh", the home of the British Royal Mail.  
The covers will be $7.75 for one or $14.95 for both Official Covers.

dineweng5cover.jpg (31981 bytes)

NOTE * * *
We have a few sheets with the date of 06 09 97
dineweng5o6date.jpg (6926 bytes)  printed on their top
This is the date of Princess Diana's funeral - the"Presses were stopped"
and many "experts"  believed this date did not exist.  
It appears that just prior to the funeral some were printed.
We have a few left and are very certain we found
all the unfolded full sheets with this date that are available.

The Silk covers, like the ones at
Will arrive very soon   There are 6 in the set.
The set will have 5 individual covers, one different cover for each
of the 5 stamps and one additional cover with all 5 attached stamps
(on a single cover). The set will be $39 for all 5 silk covers. 
The single silk cover of all 5 stamps will cost $13.95. 

We will send out a new newsletter when the 25 new
Princess Diana stamps we have in are scanned to the net


Many of you bought the Princess Diana StampMagnet
In fact we are sold out but should have another shipment
this week.  We are opening a new web site just for the stampMagnets.
For now please visit our coolstamp StampMagnet site
sm-bugs.jpg (37314 bytes)
Bugs Bunny
Each hand made Card is numbered and
signed as one of only 1000 were made
This is the actual souvenir card from
the Bugs Bunny Souvenir Sheet
Cased in a protective, heavy clear
cover and bonded to a magnetic back
using our patented StampMagnet process
Visit our StampMagnet™ Site

Gifts ... Promotions ... For fun!
Got a special stamp you want to see in magnets
Think StampMagnets™

I bet this doubles in a month
dineweng5o6date.jpg (6926 bytes)
I recommend the Diana full sheet with the
06-09-97 date -
listed today at $159

Yours as a newsletter member at only $149
My wholesale price on 1997 sheets went up 28% in
one week.  I think I can say with great certainty
"You can not find this full - UNFOLDED sheet
anywhere else."  I spent dozens of hours trying to find the
few I have.  On dealer stated quite bluntly "Sorry - got none -
but I've got a customer who will pay 200 ($330 US$).

Remember the warm days of summer?
Meet us - we treat our customers like family!
Sunset, Carmel California - NO Rain!!!
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