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March 29, 1998
marspathfinder4s.jpg (11058 bytes)
Mars Pathfinder - Larger Variety and no Vertical Perfs


New Titanic Reference Site

POOH and Tigger
New Mickey Mouse Disney set
New Classic Movie Stars
barmoving_blu.gif (11170 bytes)
Easter Special Sheet
New Princess Diana Set
New StampMagnet Exclusive

Investment tips:

Our new one stop  R.M.S. Titanic Site

sstvtitanics.jpg (10021 bytes)
This new site has reference links to movie, song and historical information
about the Titanic
More Titanic coming next Week

POOH and Tigger

A new Pooh and Tigger set has just been released
dis-pooh-stvms9promo.jpg (32866 bytes)
The set from St. Vincent is similar to the extremely rare
1982 Angulia Christmas set which was the very first Pooh set.
We have also featured the first Pooh Set
sm-pooh6s.jpg (14622 bytes)
at our StampMagnet Site

Other Pooh and  Tigger
and back in stock the impossible to find Anquilla '82 Christmas

New Mickey Mouse Disney set
A special Mickey Mouse Birthday issue for 1998
dis-mm98-birthday-set2sspromo.jpg (8755 bytes)
See Mickey Mouse on the Internet
Also Reading, and more - each marked
with the Special 1998 Birthday Logo

New Classic Movie Stars
barmoving_blu.gif (11170 bytes)
star-starwars.jpg (53851 bytes)
We are Very proud of this new site
Please visit our Totally NEW
our Classic Movie Page
star-elvis-brando-marilyn-dean.jpg (28065 bytes)
This new site has just about every celebrity from the Beatles to Arnold
star-gratefull-dead-mss.jpg (10110 bytes)

Easter Special Sheet
The Story of Easter - $11.95 for 2 Full Sheets
easter1promo.jpg (56360 bytes)

easterpromo.jpg (44979 bytes)

2 Large sheets with gold foil tell the Easter Story of Christ

New Princess Diana

dinewengsilkcovr.jpg (18311 bytes)
Silk Cover Finally - $13.95
I will be adding the new Diana
di9803bosneias.jpg (8112 bytes)
stamps Monday

Only a Few Days Left
The British Crown Agents
NEWS: The 26 covers will feature the entire SS.
This special pricing applies ONLY to orders
made in advance of their release on 1 April '98

We have obtained the pre-release black and white   proofs of the twenty six
Souvenir Sheets which come from the countries which make up
the British Crown Agents
- The actual SS will be in full color

dicrownbwsml.jpg (16856 bytes)
Please lets us know soon.

Visit our StampMagnet™ Site

New Item Added - Pooh and Tigger, Mickey Mouse
Gifts ... Promotions ... For fun!
Got a special stamp you want to see in magnets
Think StampMagnets™

US Item of the Month
A recent Stamp News paper features a front page story
about the "Other" Mars Pathfinder. 
The SS in the uncut press sheet

marspathfinder2promo.jpg (31841 bytes)

sheet is bigger and has perforations on at least one side
The Article stated that the SS would probably be a recognized
with its own Scott number.  Now there were only 5,000 Press sheets

Mars-5000-text.jpg (7640 bytes)
according to this USPS catalog however the article reports 10,000???
either way that means to us only a very limited availability

Get a cross gutter set of the Mars Pathfinder Souvenir Sheets (SS)
only 5000 Press Sheets were produced of this Souvenir Sheet
(same number as the Bugs Bunny press sheets now wholesaling $300+)
We are offering three formats: A gutter pair - (see above and note NO perforations
between the 2 SS) at $11.95
marspathfinder4s.jpg (11058 bytes)
or what we recommend a Block of 4 attached at $21.95
or a full UNFOLDED press sheet of 18 SS for $79.95

Investment tips:

dineweng5o6date.jpg (6926 bytes)
recommend the Diana full sheet with the
06-09-97 date -
listed today at $199

Yours as a newsletter member at only $179
My wholesale price on 1997 sheets went up 28% in
one week.  I think I can say with great certainty
"You can not find this full - UNFOLDED sheet
anywhere else."  I spent dozens of hours trying to find the
few I have.  One dealer stated quite bluntly "Sorry - got none -
but I've got a customer who will pay 200 ($330 US$)".

This item receives our highest investment recommendation

George - Greg's Dad returns to
Minnesota Today
gregs-dad-frame.jpg (42575 bytes)
He is holding a the famous
Diana sheet dated 06-09-97
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