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May 18, 1998
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This News letter is Dedicated to
Frank Sinatra
December 12, 1915 - May 14, 1998
Visit his site


New Frank Sinatra Site
Where have we been? - New Web
New Cool Shopping cart

1st Princess Diana Album
A Exclusive
Free $10 Gift with $100 order
New Titanic Issue

POOH and Tigger
New Run Away Brain Disney set
New Movie Stars
US Item of the Month
Coming NJM Cachets

New Frank Sinatra Site
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We have tried to offer all the great links to anything Sinatra.
This new site has reference links to his movies, songs and historical information.
You can view photos and album covers, listen and view real audio and video files,
and of course view all the latest Frank Sinatra Stamps.
View them all and see them first at!

Where have we been? - New Web

As we have been promising We are automating our site. 
We have been loading about 50 new issues a week to our new site
The site is under construction but you can view the stamps and
e-mail us about any you like.  ON 1 July the site will be up with a
complete real time inventory control system so when you order
it will be in stock.  The site will have a general and very detailed
search engine to allow to check on your topic.  It will of course
provide full shopping and credit card processing.

We have added additional staff to help us prepare the new site.
  We also have a team organizing our present inventory so we
can process orders quicker.  Right now we can only process
26 orders a day - which is why we are always on about a  10 day backlog.
After this process is through we should be able to process 4 times that amount.

Take a peek - everything is for sale -
Remember we are adding 50 new a week so check back often

New Cool Shopping cart
You may now visit some of our sites and use our new
shopping cart - cart.gif (267 bytes) - automated shopping system!

The system allows you to order an item and it computes your
total and allows you to do a secure transfer of your credit card
information.  securearea-gold.gif (1522 bytes) It works! 

Even for a Fax or mail order - please print out or e-mail your
form.  It will also help us accurately process your order.
The First Princess
Diana Stamp Album

WE are the first American Stamp Dealer to offer
This Brand new book is being expressed to us
It is in Full Color
England sent us a black and white Fax copy - WOW!
We will be adding it to our web site when it arrives.
We are offering it to newsletter members for $9.95
Watch for this rose on our May 16, Diana Page
for updates on this book  move-rose.gif (4485 bytes)

Watch for our ad in Global Below
diana_stamp_book.jpg (31950 bytes)
Two new Princess Diana sites since the last Newsletter

gui98-di250x9.jpg (104878 bytes) di9805somali9v.jpg (35749 bytes)
April 28 May 16

And to celebrate Paulette's Birthday this month
Free $10 Gift with $100 order
for every $100 order*
You will receive FREE a Princess Diana Phone Card
Valid for $10 US$ in US Phone Services world wide!
diphonecard.jpg (214917 bytes)
*US stamps and collecting supplies are not included in computing $100 offer.

WE are also offering EVERY date of
The Princess Diana Issue in FULL unfolded sheets
and Blocks of 20 stamps with the date.
This includes the 6th and 4th of September 97

New Titanic Issue
Our new one stop  R.M.S. Titanic Site
Will Feature ALL Titanic Stamps

tkn9801co-titanic9x.jpg (64348 bytes)
This new site has reference links to movie, song and historical information
about the Titanic
More Titanic coming next Week

POOH and Tigger

A new Pooh and Tigger set has just been released

dis-pooh-stvms9promo.jpg (32866 bytes)   tiggermove.gif (11274 bytes)
and Another Disney set
Run Away Brain Disney set
disrunbrain.jpg (62747 bytes)
With the 70th Birthday logo
dismmbirthdaylogo.jpg (2799 bytes)

Stamps with this logo are going fast.  "Disney Experts" predict
This set of Mickey Mouse 70th Birthday will upset
Pooh and Tigger as the current Number One Disney Character.
Let us know your thoughts emailspinmail.gif (20681 bytes)

Classic Movie Stars

star-starwars.jpg (53851 bytes)

US Item of the Month
PRESS Sheets
We have both of the hot press sheets
Mars Pathfinder and Tweety Bird
Call for Price
Back in Stock and offered at the original price
Straight from the Vatican - Their Pacific 97
Souvenir Card of the Sistine Chapel

coolp24.jpg (186729 bytes)
Move fast as I am still caring this as "sold out"
Offered FIRST to news letter members at $14
Investment tips:

We recommend the Diana full sheet with the
04-09-97 date
The date of the first day of printing
listed today at $799

Yours as a newsletter member at only $599
This item receives our highest investment recommendation

PS Coming this Week Hand Made Covers
NJM Cachets
WATCH FOR THEM - You will be suprised!!!

Tina and Chris Ready for Summer Vacation
Chris and Tina
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