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Sept. 22, 1998
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Ready for Halloween?
Check it out at


Holiday Lay-away
Greg's 3rd Annual Birthday Sale!
10% off Everything*
Extended to October 10
*except US, Supplies, SG Diana Book offer

Diana - 1 Year Remembrance Gift Pack
New Titanic Stamps
Look for hundreds of the newest
stamps at
NEW Disney
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Holiday Lay-away
We will hold your present or gift until the holidays.  We will mail them to you or to the person you specify between December 1-10 depending on your location.  Try our very popular Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Post Office express mail delivery.  This service is for deliveries in the Continental US only.

Our 3rd Annual
Once a Year
Sale Extended
10% off Everything*
Many AOL customers were unable to take advantage of our sale. 
We had no less than 100 e-mails about AOL ordering problems.
Because of the major problems many security systems had with AOL
our Sale
is extended until October 10.
As in Previous years, US Stamps, and Supplies
- which we offer at cost plus 10% as a service to our customers
will not qualify.
(You may still order your supplies and we will continue to
obtain them at our cost and charge you just 10% over)

Diana - 1 Year Remembrance

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Click above to view
More info?
The Perfect Gift. 
The Princess Diana Tri fold folder with historical narrative of Diana's Life
20 Different Souvenir Sheets
and each Souvenir Sheet is individually wrapped in its own clear protective sleeve
Buy now during the sale and save even more!

We also have a limited number of Diana Covers - 36 -
One for each year of her life - 
lib-36covers.jpg (79063 bytes)
Click image above to enlarge
in a special Princess Diana Album with matching slipcase.
The album slipcase and archival quality protective pages
retail for over $90 by themselves. 
Another /GREAT Gift for the holidays for $149
Buy now and receive 10% off during our sale.

Click on SPECIALS at our NEW
Searchable Automated site at
More info?

New Titanic Stamps - Coins
The Titanic Gift Pack

titanic-igpc-book.jpg (84601 bytes)
Full of photos
This Gift pack has details of the ship and floor plans.  
The 16 page book also comes with $10 in protective stamp mounts
for the six large  (6 1/2 x 8) Souvenir sheets
mad9801co-6titanic.jpg (112880 bytes)
The PERFECT holiday Gift Pack is $39.95 and of course it is also
eligible for our 10% off sale (if ordered now) and
our Christmas layaway and express programs
Check it out at the VERY largest Titanic Site

18 new Titanic Movie Stamps
titanic-set18.jpg (142091 bytes)
Members of the Titanic Historical Society
Always get 10% off

New Disney Sets
The Lion King- Simba's Pride

sie98-239-40simba.jpg (62123 bytes)

And Mickey Visits the West -
Monkey King set with Mickey's 70th Birthday Overprint
gam98-204-07west-70ovrpt.jpg (83146 bytes)

Look for hundreds of the Newest

stamps at the new searchable site

ant9813co2-25v20m-leagues.jpg (123079 bytes)
Like 20 thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne.
Part of the many Year of the Ocean Stamps we have added
les9814ss-prehist2.jpg (21482 bytes)
Many-Many new Dinosaur issues at
Wondering where all our new stamps are going -
Other than Disney and Diana Stamps check
You Can ask "what is new in the last 20 days"
and only view the new additions - Which are enormous
You will see hundreds of new stamps like
grs9819ss1-raf-jet.jpg (15398 bytes)
Jet Fighters - This is just one of dozens
nig98-4famous-ships.jpg (37307 bytes)
Famous Ships - Just one of 100
sav9846co-ferrari3v.jpg (25213 bytes)
and Famous Cars like the Ferrari.
Also Brand new Dogs, Cats, and more.
You may search for Stamps in many ways
Search by Country or Topic,
You can even search the descriptions for
key words or part of key words

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Free Personal Site Statistics
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Real Audio / Video Support
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The Super Mall of Collectibles

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Stock up for the holidays Now
during our 10% off sale
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