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July 1997

This is this week's note
Hi Everyone.

A short note. Jennifer is fine now and again we really want
to thank you all for your great e-mails.

We have added two
new Web sites. Fairytales:

Our Flintstones, Jetsons, and Fairy Tales.
The Fairy tales are so incredible. A work of art -
everyone. Paulette and I bought some frames at the Price
Club to frame our set. Take a look at
for the Flintstones and Jetsons too!
Also I really lucked out and was able to get some Macau 1996
Year Sets.

You can check it out and all the new Asian at
Tomorrow I will be adding a dozen new Movie Stars including
3 sets of Audie Murphy, Star Trek, Race Cars, tall ships,
new sports and New Pacific 97 items.

Jennifer is out of the hospital and I want to thank EVERYONE
who sent Paulette and her sister an e-mail. Paulette took
everyone to Jennifer and read them to her several times as
she kept drifting off - Due to the medicine not your
e-mails. Also a BIG thanks for your prayers. Jennifer was
not responding and was getting worst the second day in the
hospital. Then, almost hours after my e-mail she slowly
started to respond. THANKS SO much so VERY much!


This was last week's message

If you been reading the press, the court just decided that three of the four Beatles sheets issued can no longer be sold. They were already rare as they were under a court hold. We have them and they rate our first place position in our News Letter. Check them out if not for investment or even curiosity - for just for old time's sake.
Click - - >
You will also find my favorite = Wizard of Oz

and Paulette's heart sake = John Travolta.

New Approval and New Issues
Paulette has formally opened up for your enjoyment her Approval and New Issue Service. Her prices are so low. Check out the details at:

The New Hong Kong
We are still waiting for the New Hong Kong stamps to arrive. I can not even price them yet. I do expect their prices to be lower than I mentioned in previous News Letters. For those that placed advanced orders, your invoice will reflect these lower prices.

US Booklets
We are very excited to offer US Booklets, unfolded panes, and self-adhesives by markings, liner type, etc. Get your want lists ready. If you need a 1997 update to Ferman's Booklet Book let mew know, They will list around $10

100 Different PRC
We are pleased to offer 100 different used PRC Stamps for $9.95 + $3.00 S/H (if not part of your order)

That's right! A FREE gift from us as our way of saying thanks. We will send you FREE the beautiful set of Sweden's Pheasants, the stamps recently joint issued with China. Just send us a SASE . You can view them at:

FREE - > Click - >

I Sold out of over 45 Marilyn's and Thursday I received a few dozen more. The Marilyn Monroe Souvenir Sheet has doubled in a month. I am selling them
at $12.50, Limit 5, per sheet. Dealers are out of stock all over the country.
Please move fast as I am not sure this price will be good next week.

E-mail if you need more info about these previous specials.
PACIFIC 97 US Sheets,
New Hong Kong Last & First day stamps,
RSA only 298 made for PAC 97,
Australian SS from Pac 97,
New mounts for Pac 97 Stamps.
New Disney
Thanks! Greg & Paulette

FLASH !!!!!!!!!!!
The most important item THIS MONTH is the set of
Two US Souvenir Sheets from Pacific '97.

WHOLESALE PRICES ARE $24/Set. That means it will cost me
$24 to replace the sets I am offering this weekend ONLY at $20. The retail
price has doubled in two weeks. PLEASE order now. We sold out and had to
buy wholesale with a large premium over face. Reports are saying only 900,000
were issued during limited 10-day sale period for these releases. This was the
shortest time in history that any US Item has been up for sale. Bottom line - we
are trying to keep our prices low and are offering the set of two Souvenir Sheets
for $20. We have listed them at $33.00 on our web site. When you order
mention this is the special $20 price for News Letter members (Note Please
limit 2 sets per household). Check them, and the other new Pacific 97 items at:


I have to commit to a huge purchase of Hong Kong's SS Celebrating their return
to China. After July 5, I will not be able to guarantee this fantastic price. For
those that advance order the price ranges from $4.50 to $3.90 each.
Please check out


We also have the impossible to find Australian SS ONLY 850 ISSUED for $45
again it is listed at $59 on our web site so please mention this is the special $45
price for news letter members. Check out this beautiful sheet at:

And now for the MOST special item of the 7 days we were at the show. Its
name... The Republic of South Africa Pacific '97 Numbered Presentation Pack -

Please let me tell you the facts, which you can verify. I have also provided you
with the name, address, and phone of the Senior South African Postal Authority.
The Packs were made, but they were originally produced for the RSA Postal
Authority to bestow on the other countries' Postal Administrations that were also
at the show and to give as gifts at the awards banquets. June 3, at 3 p.m., the
balance of them went on sale. I was able to bid on some and I have a few.

They are numbered and autographed (signed) and dated by the artist coordinator,
Dr. Franco Frescura, Senior Manager, Philatelic Services, South African Post
Office (Postantoor). In the Pack they put their Pacific '97 Souvenir Card, Pacific
'97 Show Cover, and Pacific '97 Souvenir Sheet. These items were then placed
in the special numbered presentation folder. Only 300 were made, two were
destroyed in assembly. Most were given to the Postal Authorities at the show.
We are offering it at $145 - Limit One - I highly recommend you get this item.
Other dealers have told me to list it at $595 and wholesale it to dealers at $475.

Thanks Greg and Paulette



I have to commit to a huge purchase of Hong Kong's SS Celebrating their return
to China. After July 1, I will not be able to order at this fantastic price. For
those that advance order the price ranges from $4.50 to $3.90 each.
Please check out

We returned from Pacific '97 with $20,000 + in new Topicals
and collecting supplies from around the world.
We just received the new mounts made to fit all the US PACIFIC '97 Stamps -
Including the triangle stamps.
The set includes:
2, 32c Stagecoach and Ship
1, 161x161 Stagecoach and Ship pane of 16
2, 23x28 50c and 60c Franklin and Washington
2, 175x118 Franklin and Washington Souvenir Sheets
$2.49 (Black only)
Please add 78c for Postage also
please note we have a special page for the new PACIFIC '97 stamps from
around the world. You can view them in full color at

Also Please Note:
Hundreds of New Stamps have been added to:
and check out the new Macau, PRC and Hong Kong SS and stamps at
New Dinosaur's Stamps sets and Souvenir Sheets at
click - - >
New Aviation and space Stamps at
click - - >
Brand New Just Released DISNEY Sets and stamp sets.
click - - >
New art, endangered species, butterflies, tigers, at
click - - >
Self Adhesive Sale: We are continuing our sale on our HUGE
selection of self adhesives, demand has been high so it is
almost impossible to keep quantities on hand accurate. If
you need any Self-Adhesive panes, please e-mail your list so
we can check for availability.
Many collectors now want to start a SA collection as the US
Post Office plans to go to about 90%-95% SA. These older SA
panes are mint and
already at a great price!
Check them out at
- - >
click - - >
for Pacific 97 and Topicals
We have added the most incredible coolstamps ever to
click - - >
please allow this page to load as it may take a minute.

NOTE: If you collect US, Disney, or Topicals, you might consider
joining Paulette's Approval Service.
It is easy to do. You let us know how much you
would like to see each month.
Then once a month, Paulette mails you some
stamps to look at in your home.
You buy the ones you like and return
any you do not wish to purchase.
After we get to know your collecting interest,
you probably won't return any.
We custom tailor our selections to your
collecting interest and we always offer
a "Buy All" discount.
If you would like more information
e-mail Paulette and give her as much information
as possible about your collecting interest.

We have tons of references available. We are a member of APS, the NSDA, and ASQC, regular advertisers in Linn's Stamp News, Global Stamp News, Stamp Collector, and Mekeel's Weekly and Stamps. We have ads in the Scott's 1997 US Specialized (page 196) and in the yellow pages of all of the 1998 Specialized Catalogs. We have developed very strong relationships with our loyal customers. This relationship, we feel, grew strong because of our honest, simple philosophy: "Treat the customer like family"

Thanks so much for your support and enjoy our site.
Please tell your friends!
Greg and Paulette



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