Oct. 12, 97

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Sale on China - New Macau

New Stamps - Gift Section

Investment Items - Macau, Bugs-Di

We take Credit Cards!


We accept VISA

We accept MasterCard

We now accept VISA & MasterCard

We finally can take credit cards over the Internet.
Our very sophisticated system is the latest in high tech
security. We expect you should be able to e-mail us via a
totally secure transmission within a week. For now go to

For now, until our tests are done - please use your phone
You call us or we call you and get your card information
over the phone. It has been working great and we have had
a chance to speak with many of our good customers.

We will keep your card on file so for future sales, you would just
e-mail an order and say charge it! We would in turn e-mail you with
the amount charged and the last 4 numbers (ONLY) of your card.

Navigator - Contest Winner

We are putting a little coolstamps navigator all over our web site so you can
navigate with greater ease

click reload & I will flap my wings

There are three noniminees for the best name for our little friend were


Stampy - submitted by Jeanette of DK-Denmark


Mr I.C.

Cool - ( like icy) by Mike Barnes



and the winner is

Mr. I.C.

Cool by Mike Barnes
Congratulations Mike you won your

choice of a Diana Dresses sheet at

or the US Space SS at

Sale on China - New Macau

We dramatically lowered our prices on our China items
We have found better sources and lower prices for example:
the brand new China SS "Stone Carvings"


The Army, Navy, and Air Force


And by popular demand - the first set of Hong Kong stamps
Printed in China
- EVER - An historical first

A Special Newsletter price of Face + 10% or $54
for the complete set of 6 full sheets - which have on each
sheet's margin "Printed in Beijing Printing Factory"
Please tell us in your order"at the Newsletter special Price"

Also two new sets from Macau The beautiful new "Fans" set

and Coming! This Week "Fong Soi Art - Chinese Geomancy-
which is, I think, Predicting the future with sticks"
(If any one knows any more about Fong Soi please
e-mail us)
also on sale for newsletter customers Only at $4.80

The Balconies SS -
Please tell us "at the Newsletter special"

New Stamps - Gift Section

We have added new stamps in every category
In Dino's at http://www.cool-stamps.com/dino.html
The Thailand and Australian Pre-historic

In Stars at

New Elvis sheet of him from Child to Legend

From Pacific 97 at

The mew Maldives Sheet -$4

From new at
The new Moscow 850 year Anniversary and our first
Gift item - a $9.50 Package for new collectors
We will be addind a new area of gift suggestions VERY soon.

And in Princess Diana at

We added the complete new Omnibus individual stamp set.
We only received 5 sets and one was sold before we received it
A couple of the sets cataloug over $20 BEFORE Princess
Diana was killed. Some estimate this to be worth over $200
Cataloug and twice that now!

View at
The New Diana stamp from Nevis ARRIVED TODAY!
Via Express Mail - yes on a Sunday
View at
And next week the covers WILL arrive - They were airborne
Over the Atlantic Friday - Yes I will honor the 10% sale

Investment Items

Anything Macau is very good especially the Macau Year set

View at:

The Bugs and Princess Diana Items Recommended last week
are still rocketing out of site. Bugs was $39 then $47 for a few days
Now I have him at straight cost + 10% at $87
The new Stanley Gibbons Catalog puts the Royal Wedding
set - also recommended last week - at $17 a set.
We had them at $7.75/set in the rare Cross Gutters
Still a good buy - The Rare Imperf Central Africa Set at
View the rest of the sets at

Please take a second and let us know what you think
about our newsletter-
e-mail us at coolstamps@cool-stamps.com

Hi Again it is Me - I.C. Cool

Try me now! Just
Click me and I will help you navigate

Thanks so much Greg and Paulette

(707) 448-1111
PO Box 5125
Vacaville, CA 95696

Ps We really appreciate your business!

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