Oct. 19, 97

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Fong Soi


USA Today

Credit Cards

New US VF-Superb

New Macau-What's Fong Soi?

Diana Covers - 10% off

New Stamps

Investment Items - Di

USA Today

We made USA Today. We were asked for an interview and although
only a small part of it was printed we were excited!
We were on Page three of October 17, 1997

Credit Cards


We accept VISA

We accept MasterCard

We now accept VISA & MasterCard

Our credit card sales are working great!
Just call us once or, as many of you did,
e-mail us several times with different parts of
your card number. Several customers mailed us
their number, or called us collect. For more information

Go to http://www.cool-stamps.com/charge_it.html
We will keep your card on file so for future sales, you would just
e-mail an order and say charge it! We will in turn e-mail you with
the amount charged and the last 4 numbers (ONLY) of your card.

New US VF-Superb

view at http://www.cool-stamps.com/630superb.html
We are thinking of offering each week a selection of VF-Superb
stamps and Souvenir Sheets. Several customers have told us
how hard it is to find very fine to superb stamps at a good price.

They would also like the valuation of the item accomplished
by a dealer they trust for a good price for the quality bought.
Please let us know if you would be interested in such a service.

Please E-mail us - with your ideas on the subject!

New Macau

So what is Fong Soi?

Also Called Feng Shui is a Chinese practice/art of determining how to live
based on "good" and "bad" signs.

For example, Feng Shui practitioners will tell you how to
set up your house to provide you the best opportunity for good luck -
e.g. direction of your rooms, dates to move in, what to include in
your house - i.e. goldfish are good luck. There are many non-Asians
who believe in some aspects of Feng Shui, and there are even a couple of
architectural books on the subject written here in the US.

Diana Covers

The long awaited classic covers a have arrived

View at
as well as some new souvenir sheets.
As I promised,
the covers are on sale at 10% off.

We sold over 250 sets of dix8 last week

and we only have about 50 sets left. The Price of this pair of stamps
was reported at over $100/2 stamps in Moscow last week.
This set of 2 is sold out world wide.
I believe we are last dealer to do so, but we must now also say
"Limit 5 sets per customer".

I have also a few of the less expensive sets available that I was able to find

view at

The new Princess Diana sheet from Nevis arrived at $4.75.

View at
Those who reserved their copy at our estimated price of $7.00 will
of course
receive a $2.25 credit or refund.

Look for brand new sets of stamps are arriving from Niger and Mongolia.
The Queen has put a hold on any stamp with an image of Princess Diana
- from the dozen or so countries which require her approval - until the spring.

New Stamps

This week we are featuring a new WWF sheet from Malaysia


A SS and set 4 stamps of Greenpeace

view at

and the Art of Paul Gauguin


Investment Items

In the rush to get stamps out honoring Princess Diana a few
mistakes were made. The local issue of Bardsey at

http://www.cool-stamps.com/dil7.html incorrectly spells
the island's name as "Bardsely"
Also the Island of Steep Holm is placed incorrectly in
Wales not Bristol.

view at
It has been reported by the postal agency printing
these issues that they will be withdrawn and reprinted with the correct
inscriptions. This should make these local issues difficult to find.

The bugs Imperf at $129 - see

and the Royal Wedding set for $49 - see
remain our "best bet" as both continue to skyrocket.
This is the 4th week in a row they rated a best buy.

If you do not have it yet - get your copy of the US Year of the Rat.
It is still available at some post offices. I recently paid $9.00 for one
because they are hard to find. Move fast!

Please take a second and let us know what you think
about our newsletter-
E-mail us now
e-mail us at coolstamps@cool-stamps.com

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Try me now! Just
Click me and I will help you navigate

Thanks so much Greg and Paulette

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Ps We really appreciate your business!

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