Oct. 26, 97

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US VF-Superb 630

Security & Credit Cards

Diana Covers - 10% off

Scott Products NOT Offered

New Indonesia Site

US VF-Superb 630

As many of you asked we will try to offer a nice item once a week
for your collection or - hint - hint - a holiday gift.

This week we have a VF-Superb # 630 for $435

view it at
We offer this on a straight cost + 10 basis. As there is only
one of these available from us in this quality,
please e-mail
for availability and additional information.

Please let us know what you think of this service

Security & Credit Cards

We tightened up our security to include our anti-virus protection.
An e-mail from overseas was being downloaded with, we think a virus.
Our system detected and deleted the message as well as 12 others
that were downloaded during the cleaning process. If you did not get
your order or are unsure if we received it, please e-mail us to be sure.

We apologize for this problem. We are trying to make our site the safest possible.
Our e-mail and our web site are now protected
with the very latest anti-virus protection. It is so secure it locked us out
for over 12 hours until I could call our provider and authenticate who we were.

Some customers are sending their credit card information in two or three e-mails.
They send the first 8 numbers in the first e-mail, then the second 8 numbers
in a second e-mail, and then the expiration in a third.
This is a very secure alternative to sending all the credit card information
together in one message.

The credit card information you provide is locked in a safe behind locked doors
in an area attended around the clock. The same security is afforded if you
call in your number, and our secure answer machine records it.
For more information go to: Charge It!

Diana Covers - 10% off

We received

some new Princess Diana stamps and very great covers

view them at

The one shown above, Diana in a green gown, is actually
printed on raised silk material. It is 100% incredible to see
however, it is also a nightmare to show you. The scanner
can not pick up the beauty of the 3-d silk and the scanned image,
like above, ends up looking a little like a bad picture.

Yes, these are part of the prestigious cover collection,
that I have promised would arrive for weeks. Since they missed
Greg's Birthday Sale they are thus eligible for a 10% discount.

We also received some new stamps

and more are coming next week - we hope

view the pre-release press draft of the new Gowns at

As always, we estimate these to be at $6.00
however, if they come in less expensive we will roll back the price
as we did with the Nevis sheet which
we estimated at $7.00 and we rolled it back to $4.75.

We want our site, and
Paulette's Diana New Issue Service

to be your one stop shopping source for all Diana Stamps.
As with all our stamps - we always match or beat any price
you find
- where the person has the item in stock.
(Several Companies are advertising Diana items at a small price,
You order from then, they take your address and it is weeks later before they
tell you later they are "sold out" of their limited quantity.
They end up with your address and even your money
for something they do not have! Be Careful)



Scott Products NOT Offered

Our advertisement in the Scott 1998 US Specialized on page 199
has caused a lot of calls and e-mails so we will try to explain it

View the ad at
The discussion is over the part on the box that reads
"To assure you of reliable quality, delivery, & future
product support, we sell only non-Scott supplies"

We believe a customer deserves the best advice he can get
from his/her stamp dealer. Beyond that we truly believe that
we should always treat our customers like family. For these reasons
we can no longer recommend Scott. In our educated opinion,
and that of several other dealers and what - I would call experts -
Scott is acting like a company on its way out of business.

Let me give you a few of what are dozens of examples about their,
in our opinion, panic driven rush to increase short term cash flow.
Paulette and I both have the Scott Platinum - It is no longer sold
by Scott and we are unable to obtain product support, or even
a new binder for our pages. I have a customer in Minnesota who
has a Platinum. I can not find him a binder. I told him I had one
but when I went to get it - it fell apart. I tried all over the USA but
could not find one anywhere. He, like Paulette and I are left
almost completely without support for Scott's best album.

We have another customer from the East Cost who wanted
Scott's second best album - the National. It took us 11 weeks to
get one for him through Scott who ran out of parts of the Album.
I talked to the head of Scott about this and other supplements to
various countries which we could not get because they were
"sold out with no plan to reprint".

Scott's position is that they are not going out of business.
As a stamp dealer, a business man, and University Business
instructor all I can say is "I do not believe that and how dumb
does Scott think the collector is?" We thus can not recommend
Scott products to our customers.

We appreciate the very
complementary words we have been getting from other dealers

who share our opinion. Several dealers were even calling for a class action
suit against Scott. Scott left many dealers holding large quantities of many albums
they could not sell, and other products that they feel will not be supported after
Scott goes out of business. Some dealers think Scott will spin off parts
of their operation as part of a bankruptcy reorganization.

*(Our advertisements for the 1998 catalogues
were set over a year ago and are our last with Scott.)

Ps Hold on to those full color, magazine quality product guides
Scott put out in 95 & 96, they could soon be a collectors item!

New Indonesia Site

In about 24 hours we will have a new Indonesia site open


Many of our customers have asked about a new collecting area
and yet want a country that is a good investment - we feel
Indonesia satisfies both of these needs. I have to load a few
more items. Paulette has said its Sunday and we need to leave -
So please give me 24 hrs. I'm off to have fun with Paulette. Bye! Greg

Please take a second and let us know what you think

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Thanks so much Greg and Paulette

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Ps We really appreciate your business!

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