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On the occasion of her wedding
to 100s of
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Diana in Stamps
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New Princess Diana set from England $4.45/set 5
We also have the US Exclusive distribution right for Stampmagnets

Full Sheets Dated 06 09 97 - The date Of Princess Diana's Funeral

British equivalent to the US Plate Block is the gutter block
of 4 sets (20 stamps)
- all come specially packeged unfolded

We also offer the sheets top margin gutter -
dineweng506datetop20s.jpg (20654 bytes)
Green area -
set of 4 sets with the date, and the now out of business
printer's name "Harrison" shown in the margin,
many believe this is much more valuable as the "1997"
date, may not appear in any reprints and for sure the
Printer "Harrison" will not be shown - $24.

or $19.95 for the sheet's bottom margin gutter set of 4 se
with the selvage shown in yellow
See the entire Princess Diana stamp sheet
Our copyrighted StampMagnets

All 5 for $11.95

$8.75 - Our best selling StampMagnet
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