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PUSHSmart gives your site a secure and reliable burstable connection to the Internet for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  We have dedicated T-1 lines to your own site.  PUSHSmart has a dual grid building power supply, generator backup, and data center UPS - This gives your site the dependable, high quality back up power you need. PUSHSmart  provides the network performance, scalability, and redundancy required to achieve the 99.99% service availability level demanded by today's 24 x 7 business world.  
  PUSHSmart facility includes:
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet connection to multiple T-3 Internet circuits.
  • High performance direct backbone connections with T-3 ATM circuit to PacBell NAP.
  • Secured space in telco-grade 19" racks
  • Physical security system for 24/7
  • Electrical and UPS backup power.
  • 24 Hour centralized monitoring of HVAC, Temperature, Fire, UPS, PDU.
PUSHSmart Backup Power

Power Supply
  • One 20 amp 120vac Isolated Ground power strip per rack or cabinet
  • Three 20 amp 120vac Isolated Ground power strips per cage.
  • Liebert Data Center UPS with PDU and Bypass Transfer switching
  • 900Kw diesel generator backup for 200% of customer load
  • 24 hour fuel supply with telco priority one refuel status



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