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The optic-electronic Perforation Gauge. Do you own undiscovered values? Two seemingly identical stamps - except for a difference in perforation value: perf. 13,25 or 13,5? $10 or $2500?
Measures within seconds with the help of light sensors - Nothing touches your stamp - Accurate to 1/1000 mm - Measures in 1/4 increments - Operates on a 12 volt AC adapter - Use on regular or large stamps, coils and stamps with margins. $425 before your discount.

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Wash and Dry your Stamps

Stamp Drying Press - The old drying book has seen its day! Made of fiberglass reinforced shockproof, sturdy plastic. Supplied with 20 blotting sheets and 3 vinyl vinyl sheets for gum side of stamps - $33.
Stamp Washing Tray - A practical stamp washing tray with removable draining area - $24.

Stamp Drying Books

845 - Laminated cardboard covers, plastic ring binding with 10 sheets and safety foil interleaves. Size 8 5/8" x 11" suitable for all gums - $15.50.
846 - Simple manufacture, size 8 5/8" x 11 11/16" - $5.95.
847 - Simple manufacture, size 5 7/8" x 8 1/4" - $3.95.

Large Mount and Paper Cutter

My Number ONE best selling GIFT

Rotary Cutter - Ideal for philatelists, photographers and modelers. The rotary cutter has a round safety blade. The base has cm. measurement across the top and down both sides together with photograph and DIN sizes. The rotary cutter has an exchangeable cutting wheel that rotates in an enclosed head, thereby avoiding accidents.
Overall size: 12 3/5" x 5 9/10" (320 x 150 mm).
Cutting width: 12 3/5" (320 mm).
801 LINDNER Rotary Cutter - $69.

Magnifier Set
The ultimate gift for any collector, designed to last a lifetime!

Includes: Magnifier tray - complete. Single items from tray: Illuminated magnifier 8x, Illuminated magnifier 15x, Long handle, 2 31/32" (75 mm) 2x, Long handle, 3 17/32" (90 mm) 2x, Folding magnifier 8x, Folding magnifier 10x, Stand magnifier 10x. - Just $262 for the entire set before your discount!

Stock Books

The safe, convenient way to display or store your stamps. Stockbooks offer excellent quality and value. All stockbooks have double tuck pockets to keep stamps from falling out. Stockbooks measure 9" x 12" and feature handsome leatherette covers.
Available in 16 pages - $15.99, 32 pages $27.99, 64 pages $59.99.
Colors available: black, blue, brown, green and red.

Stock Pages
LINDNER, Vario, and Scott (Hagner), available in black or clear, one pocket to 8 pockets, as well as special vertical pages. $5.00 for 5. A wide selection of Albums are also on sale.
Special on LINDNER stock pages, 5 for $3.95 plus your standard 20%+ discount.

Album Pages & Supplements

We have supplements for all major album systems from almost all manufacturers. All are at a discount of at least 20% off Retail. E mail us with your request and we will send you your price quote. We will match any advertised price.

Short & Long Lights

Thickness Gauges

Pocket Thickness Gauge - The precision thickness gauge in a convenient size.
Measures in 1/100 of a mm, Range: 0-8 mm in 0.01 mm increments, Weight: 2 1/2 oz., 1/4 Dia. smooth flanges, Size: 2 1/4 x 1 5/8 x 1/2" thick.
No. 9861 with pouch - $210.
Thickness Gauge - A precision Dial Gauge to measure paper thickness. Measures in 1/100 of a mm, Range: 1-10 mm in 0.01 mm increments, 3/8" Dia. smooth flanges, Size: 4 x 4 1/2 x 7/8" thick.
No. 9860 in gift case $195.

SinoScope Electronic Water Mark Detector

What a gift for the collector who has everything!
E-mail us with your address and we will send
a full color brochure on this high tech collecting device.

Perf Meter

and Blind Perf Phila-Combi-Box. Measures Perfs using raised teeth. The most effective Perf Gauge that can also be used as a watermark fluid tray. $25

Small Mount Cutters
7001 cuts up to 3 15/16 " (100mm) $29.95
7004 cuts sizes up to 6 11/16" (170mm) $59.95

Page Creating Drawing Board

A drafting machine made especially for the philatelist.
Use to lay out and design your own blank pages.
Drawing Board with Square edge $129.00 -
Optional (but recommended) Protractor $59.00
Protective Plastic Sleeves for Covers & Cards
E-mail us your size and we will send you a quote.
My Gift Choice THE Ultimate Coil Album

MY personal system for both my coil and unexploded air mail booklet collection.
I also house my self-adhesive booklet and unfolded booklet pane
collection in the extra strong pages.

This is truly the ultimate album for your coil collection or collector.
Made to store coils, plate blocks, booklets, and oversize stamp full sheets.
Binder $58.95, Slipcase $33.95, Heavy duty thick mill pages - 10 for $38.95

Other Supplies and the Platinum System

Happy Collecting from our family to yours!

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